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Holly Jones

Thu, June 62019-06-06|UCO - Jazz Lab

Live on Acoustic Piano. Performing Songs from her new album: Sacred Places.

$15 Cash/Check · Doors at 6:15 *Cash Bar (not food service)* Call (405)974-2100 to reserve seats.

Classical contemporary in genre, the piano compositions of Holly Jones are described as meditative, impressionistic, thematic, yet transcendent of time and space.  Holly will be featuring fresh compositions from her fourth album, "Sacred Places," set to be released May, 2019, at the UCO Jazz Lab June 6, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. 

Holly describes her inspiration of "Sacred Places":  "A 'sacred place' is the moment in time when one recognizes they are participating in something greater than themselves. This can happen daily conversation, our 'work', and what otherwise might be misperceived as a mundane aspect of life.  We have to look for these sacred places.  They give  us  the  richness and  authenticity of  our experiences."

Born in western Kentucky, Holly began studying violin at age three, piano at eight, and creating compositions on the piano by nine.  Her training includes many years of private study, as well as private classical piano and composition study at Indiana University.  

Holly's solo piano debut album, "Traveler" was released in 2003.  Her second album "Storyteller" was released in 2016, followed by the orchestrated version of "Storyteller" in 2017, by Ludek Drizhal, featuring Holly at the piano and the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra.

As a physical therapist, Holly has an inherent understanding of the healing power of music, and enjoys the art of creating pieces that are "good for the neurology."  She lives with her husband, dear Fred, and beloved doggy daughter, Darbie,  in Edmond, OK and loves playing in StudioJones, the self-proclaimed "best practice room in the world."

"I wish for my music to reach the truth in each person help them take pause in the busyness of life and to bring them peace and clarity. I envision that it is most likely played as background provides a setting of peace...but when one listens closer, it can 'take them away'...and always to the best place..."