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The Great Board Game Swap of 2019

Thu, February 72019-02-07|Denny's

Get some games you didn't want last year? Accidentally receive multiple copies of the same game as gifts? Have a game you just don't play any more? Looking for bargains or just to acquire new games via trade? Then join us on Feb 7 for our Great Board Game Swap. It will take place concurrently with our regular meetup at Denny's. Here's how it will work:

Bring any games you want to sell or trade.

We will have a table staffed by our volunteers, who will hold on to your game, and take your name, selling price, etc. If you want to sell your game flat out, we will sell it for you, and give you 100% of the money.

If you are looking to trade a game, you can browse the table and see what else is available, and let the staff know which games you want. We will keep track of trade desires, and help facilitate trades, including working out 3 way trades if needed. All sales and trading concludes at 9pm.

In prior game swap days, we've had lots of variety of games available and well over 100 trades—there's bound to be something you like, so don't miss it!