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Anchors Aweigh Junior Theatre Production

Fri, June 7 – Sat, June 82019-06-072019-06-08|Fine Arts Institute of Edmond

Captain Creeg has great apprehensions about his next cruise on the S.S.  Flounder.  It's sink or swim for the old schooner, as the mysterious owners of the line are aboard the old ship to decide her fate.  As if that wasn't enough pressure, the cruise falls on June 10, a day the suspicious old sea salt has always dreaded!  Passengers arrive for the singles' cruise, including a famous romance novelist looking for inspiration for her next novel, her chronically depressed secretary still pining for a lost love and a pair of small-time hoods as stowaways hoping to escape a big-time hood, Big Edie, who of course is also on board in pursuit.  Did we forget to mention the prince posing as a gangster to look for a bride because he believes showing a tough exterior is the best way to a woman's heart?  You can just imagine all the trouble in which he quickly finds himself!  To add to the mayhem, a pair of tired old ladies flutter about the ship while a domineering mother tries to make her socially deprived sons more sociable, only to discover they become too social for her agenda!  Your audience will be awash with tides of laughter as they get swept away with mistaken identities, lively chase scenes and a storm that almost sets the entire cruise aground!

Performances Dates   

Friday June 7th @ 3 pm 

Friday June 7th @ 7 pm

Saturday June 8th @ 3 pm

Saturday June 8th @ 7 pm