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Founders KBS 4-Year Vertical

Thu, April 182019-04-18|The Patriarch Craft Beer House

Well, to say we've been waiting quite a while for this event is an understatement... In our possession, we have FOUR YEARS worth of Founders Brewing Co. KBS Imperial Stout kegs, and we're gonna help you try them out side by side to see how they've aged.  No doubt we'll have other offerings from Founders for this event, and we're even cooking up some specialty glassware, but here's the sure-fire list for now:

1.  KBS 2016

2.  KBS 2017

3.  KBS 2018

4.  KBS 2019

P.S.  Yes, we've got multiple kegs of each, so next year let's make it a 5-year vertical.

P.P.S.  Yes, we're also doing this with CBS.  :)