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Stone Brewing Takeover at The Patriarch

Tue, July 172018-07-17|The Patriarch Craft Beer House

"Stone Brewing in Oklahoma is easily one of our house favorites, so we're excited to make way for SIX top-notch, rare kegs for this event! We've even held onto one of last year's stouts to make this even more special. Here's the lineup: 

1. I'm Peach - Peach Double IPA, 8.8%
2. Totalitarian - Russian Imperial Stout, 10.6%
3. VirtuAle IPA - West Coast IPA, 7.7%
4. Skedaddler IPA - Collaboration with Societe Brewing, 7%
5. Tangerine Express IPA - Tangerine IPA, 6.7%
6. Xocoveza 2017 - Mocha Stout, 8.1%

Per usual, there will be glassware galore, and a Tuesday party shall be had. Prepare thy palate.


-From The Patriarch Facebook