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Poetic Embroidery: Tales of Woah by Kelly Rogers & Red Dirt Rug by Rena Detrixhe

Fri, September 7 – Thu, September 272018-09-072018-09-27|UCO - Melton Gallery

Poetic Embroidery displays two large-scale installations, Tales of Woah by Kelly Rogers and Red Dirt Rug by Rena Detrixhe. Connected by the concept of story, these two artists explore variation in the process of embroidery, presenting non-traditional textile pieces through poetic expression. These installations occupy their space profoundly and intently. Kelly’s tapestry highlights small portraits of young girls that collectively hang in a limitless space, exposing the back of the canvas, messy veins to a detailed and rendered exterior, while Rena’s rug created by red dirt found from the Oklahoma landscape, patterned into a piece that we typically see in our interior homes, conveys a conversation with each tiny piece of soil.